Relief sculpture

   A method of sculpture in which three-dimensional forms are made to project from a flat background. The materials normally used for this technique are stone, clay, or bronze. There are several categories of sculpture relief. The bas-relief technique entails keeping figures and objects attached to the background, allowing them to protrude only slightly. This is a method normally used for coins and medals. The artist must rely on the play of light on the surface to create the three-dimensional effects. An example is Jacopo della Quercia's reliefs on the main portal of San Petronio in Bologna (1425-1438). In high-relief sculpture, the figures project more emphatically from the background; in some cases they are almost completely on the round. Luca della Robbia's Cantoria (1431-1438; Florence, Museo dell' Opera del Duomo) utilizes this technique. Relievo schiacciato, a method devised by Donatello, is a flattened relief that seems as if drawn with the chisel rather than carved, as in his Lamentation (c. 1457), one of the bronze panels for the pulpit of San Lorenzo in Florence. Finally, hollow relief is an inversed technique whereby the sculptor carves into the stone or other material. This method is usually used for the carving of gems.

Historical dictionary of Renaissance art. . 2008.

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